About Yasmin

Yasmin is a freelance makeup artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is holding a diploma in Makeup Artistry from Blanche Macdonald since 2003 . Yasmin enjoys it!

Yasmin has the passion for anything to do with the beauty industry; makeup. 

Some women have trouble seeing their beauty, but with a little makeup that can easily change. Makeup isn’t about covering up imperfections it’s about enhancing your natural beauty. 

Yasmin knows makeup isn’t only about the application and technique process, it’s also about really hearing out what the clients wants. Yasmin wants you to feel exquisite and comfortable in what you are wearing. Together, you and Yasmin will figure out how to achieve the end goal and feel amazing.

Her goal isn’t just to help you figure out your plan for your special day, it’s to help you build a plan that you can use every day. Makeup artists aren't just reserved for the bride, but for everyone. Yasmin works exclusively with a hair stylist who she trusts, and ready to take on any size bridal party.

Yasmin is looking to working with you for your special event!

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