How to create a scar by using Mortician’s Wax

To create a scar using Mortician’s Wax requires several steps to ensure that it is realistic. This process takes time and skills to make sure that the wax stays in place.

1. Remove any excess oils, make-up and moisturizers by using a facial cleanser. Once all oils, make-up and moisturizers have been removed, take a small portion of Mortician Wax and place it in the palm of your hand. roll lengthwise until it looks like a long skinny roll.

2. To place the long skinny roll on the cheek at any angle you wish. Once you have determined where you want the scar to be, take a metal spatula and spread all around the edge of the Mortician’s Wax towards the skin.

3. Take the spatula and make a cut from one end of the wax to the other side through the middle. After you have made the cut, apply XY Jelly to smoothen the edges and then apply the sealer to hold the wax in place.

4. Apply with a sponge a foundation that is close to the skin colour of the person/client who you are working on. By doing this, the scar looks natural and realistic. It will take a few layers to blend the scar in. The fifth step is then to apply translucent power to reduce shine.

5. Apply blood to the scar. You can do this in several different ways. You can either pour the fake blood directly from the bottle or by using the spatula, place some of the blood on the spatula and pour the blood in the cut of the scar. Let the blood flow through until it starts to flow out of the scar.

Now you know how to create a realistic scar by using Mortician’s Wax.